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Balance & Gait Disorders

Balance & Gait Disorders

Get Your Balance Back with Physical Therapy

If You are Limited by a Balance or Gait Disorder, Physical Therapy can Help You Get Back on Your Feet

Are you facing trouble keeping yourself stable on your feet? Are you having problems while walking? If so then you might be suffering from balance and gait disorder. You do not need to worry; we have the best aid for your condition. We at Paul Wiener Physical Therapy, are the best licensed experts for helping you with balance and gait disorders in Hackensack, New Jersey. We know that it is challenging for you to maintain balance and stability while walking, but we have got your back. Our licensed therapists in Hackensack, NJ will take care of you with the best treatment available for restoring your balance and helping you walk properly on your feet again.

What Are Balance And Gait Disorder?

Balance problems occur when you have difficulties maintaining stability while standing or walking. This problem can be mental or physical, a state where your brain might function like it is moving while your body is stationary, causing you to lose your balance and fall. Whereas gait disorders are usually problems with your walking pattern or irregular stepping. This can be caused by musculoskeletal problems. Although these problems might seem alike, they vary slightly. Both of these problems impact the stability of a person while walking or standing as well as may cause the individual to fall. If you are going through any of these issues, do not worry we have got the best solution for you.

What Causes Balance And Gait Disorder?

There are numerous causes of balance and gait disorders. The causes might be underlying, but they all cause a person to lose balance while walking also making them unstable. These are some of the main causes of balance and gait disorders.

Inner Ear Problems

This is one of the major causes of movement instability causing one to topple. Problems with the inner ear, cause balance issues, these are called vestibular disorders, and they can disturb how well our body stays steady.

Musculoskeletal Problems

Problems like arthritis, joint pain, or weakening of muscles can affect your stability as well as hinder you from performing basic physical activities.

Age-Related Changes

When people get older, their muscle strength, their ability to bend or stretch their joints, and hearing and touching senses diminish with age. This highly affects their body stability as well as their balance.

Joint Problems

Individuals might have trouble walking properly if their joints become stiff or injured, like in arthritis. This can change how they walk and make them wobble when moving forward or backward.

Neurological Diseases

People with problems like Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, or stroke may have issues in the nervous system that make an individual prone to falling down more. Health problems or conditions like stroke and peripheral neuropathy can mess up signals in the body that control movement.

Injuries In Spinal Cord

Injuries or sicknesses that cause problems in the spinal cord can stop the signals between the brain and legs. This causes problems with the way of walking, which is also called gait abnormalities.


Physical Therapy For Balance And Gait Disorder

We are the experts in helping individuals suffering from balance and gait disorders. Our physical therapy has helped many individuals achieve better outcomes. Our licensed specialists are highly qualified and experienced, and they are here to take good care of you for improving your condition. Physical therapy offers an array of benefits in comforting individuals suffering from balance and gait disorders. Here is why physical therapy is best for restoring stability in movement.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Our expert physical therapists do a full check-up to detect the root problem causing stability and movement issues. This helps us make a specialized treatment plan targeted to fix the origin of your specific problem.

Muscle Strengthening and Conditioning Exercises

We help you with specialized exercise plans that are made to make vital muscle groups stronger. These muscle strengthening and conditioning exercises instill confidence as well as give you the ability to maintain your balance better while standing or walking.

Balance Training

Our special exercises for balance help you to be more stable while standing on your feet. This lowers the chances of losing balance and falling down.

Gait Training

Our exercises are specialized to help with your gait disorder. Our gait training helps achieve better stability while walking and also improves your leg movements while stepping forward or backward.

Checking Progress

We monitor your progress actively to check if you are doing great with our specialized treatment. We also make necessary adjustments to the treatment plan if and when required to help you achieve better outcomes.

Our Team

We are the finest physical therapists in New Jersey, led by Paul Wiener. We have over 34 years of experience in this field. Our patients love our services as we offer the most unique and best-in-class facilities for the treatment of your balance and gait problems. Our team of specialists is highly qualified and experienced to help you with your problem no matter how challenging it may be. With our physical therapy for balance and gait disorder in Hackensack, NJ the best results are guaranteed. You are very important to us, and we care about you and your health. All we want for you to achieve the best results with our specialized treatment.

Now no look no further as we are your best hope for a better future.

Paul Wiener Physical Therapy is happy to serve wonderful individuals like you. Feel free to reach out to we are here to help.

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