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Headaches & Migraines

Headaches & Migraines
Migraine Specialist in New Jersey

Do you suffer from migraine pains quite frequently? You might like to consider physical therapy as a treatment. Treatment of migraine headaches with physical therapy is not very well known, but it might be the right kind of treatment you are looking for. At Paul Wiener Physical Therapy, we help you understand the root cause of your migraine and then treat them accordingly. We have a team of expert physical therapists who will treat them so that you experience long-term pain relief from those chronic headaches.

How does Physical Therapy Work?

Understanding your migraines is a big part of treating them. Our therapists will help to figure out the main cause of your headaches. A lot of factors can trigger your migraines. Figuring out those factors helps to treat them before your migraine starts. Our therapists will assess and understand the root cause like which foods might be triggering your migraine, what postures might be bad for your headache, or it is just good old stress that’s causing you to have severe headaches and migraine pain. After figuring out the factors that are the cause of your chronic headaches, our therapists will plan for your treatment.

Migraine headaches often come from the cervical spine, that is the neck. This is known as a cervicogenic headache. The symptoms of this type of headache include pain from one side of the neck that radiates to your forehead and eyes, reduced range of motion, and pain on both sides of the back of the neck. Usually, patients with cervicogenic headaches have reduced motion in the neck region.

Treating such pain through physical therapy helps to reduce the pain through specialized exercises that our therapists will help you with. Taking medication for such kind of pain is not a long-term solution. Physical therapy can cure this type of headache and give you relief whereas taking medication can have a lot of symptoms in the long run.

Why Choose Us?

Our therapists are not just experts but also experienced in their field. They are licensed professionals dedicated to treating your problem from the root cause so that you can continue with your daily routines without any headaches. We have an experience of over 34 years of treating patients just like you. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed in our clinic. When it comes to physical therapy, we are the experts. Paul Wiener Physical Therapy is the best physical therapist in New Jersey. You know you are in good hands with us.

Treatment by Our Therapists

Physical Therapy is the best plan of action for migraines and headaches instead of taking pain medications. It is the only long-term solution for headaches with no side effects and which will benefit you greatly without relying on pain medications. Patients who have undergone our physical therapy for such kinds of headaches have experienced, a significant reduction in the intensity, duration, and frequency of headaches. Their back and neck muscle movement improved greatly and in all an improved quality of life.

Before we start any treatment, our therapists will take an examination to find out the main cause of your headaches and then only proceed with a plan for treating your headaches. Your back and neck joints will have a lot of tension before starting the treatment and you will notice a significant change and relief in those muscles. Our therapists will tell us how to maintain correct postures to further reduce the pain while doing the therapy. Different types of treatments will be used to relax your muscles.

Heat and Ice Therapy: Heat and ice therapy helps to relax the muscles before any stretches. It helps to reduce inflammation and pain.

Massage Therapy: Massage therapy is also quite effective for relieving headaches. Many people get headaches because of the tension in their back and neck muscles which can be relieved by massaging some pressure points and helping to improve that range of motion.

Traction: Traction is also one of the methods to relieve migraine pain by decompressing your neck’s disk and joints.

These are just a few types of therapy that we give to relieve you from frequently occurring migraine headaches. Depending on the physical examination that our therapists take before starting the treatment, there are different types of treatments available.

We at Paul Wiener Physical Therapy understand how difficult it is to go on with our daily routine with a frequent headache. Do not worry, we are here to help you get rid of that pain. Visit our clinic for the best physical therapy in New Jersey and experience our top-notch services.

Contact us today and get rid of that headache with the magic of physical therapy.