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Lower Motor Neuron Diseases

 Lower Motor Neuron Diseases

Gain Control Over Movements: Physical Therapy For Lower Motor Neuron Disease

Are having difficulty squatting or getting up off a chair? Do you feel random muscle cramps? Are your reflexes becoming weaker day by day? Then you might be suffering from lower motor neuron disease. We are here to help you fix that with our physical therapy in Hackensack, NJ. We are the finest specialists in helping you gain control over your muscle movements with our treatment plans. Lower motor neuron causes weakness and flaccid paralysis which is why you lose control over your movements as well as lose your reflexes over time. You might be facing difficulties performing a simple movement such as squats or rising up from a chair. Sometimes having slurred speech as well as causes weakness in the legs and feet. This happens when you suffer from lower motor neuron disease. These lower motor neurons are located in the central and peripheral nervous systems. They are responsible for controlling voluntary movements of the eyes, tongue, face, etc.

What Are The Symptoms Of Lower Motor Neuron Disease?

Few recognizable symptoms signify that you might be suffering from lower motor neuron disease. These symptoms affect your ability to perform regular activities, as well as cause problems in controlling facial muscles as well as weaken the muscles in your body which causes loss of muscle control during movements. These are some of the common symptoms found in individuals suffering from Lower Motor Neuron Disease.

Difficulty with Movement: Initiation and coordination of voluntary movements that severely impair motor neurons responsible for muscle control.

Muscle Weakness: Weakness in the muscles develops slowly or gradually starting from a particular region and is persistent over time.

Twitching Of Muscles (Fasciculations): Lower motor neuron disease is indicated by involuntary muscle twitches or contractions, which often appear visible beneath the skin.

Atrophy: Muscle atrophy is one of the major symptoms of lower motor neuron disease which results in making your body's affected muscles thinner and wasted.

Muscle Fatigue: Muscles are easily exhausted, as the sustaining of muscle contractions deteriorates. This also diminishes your muscle endurance disabling you from performing activities that require muscle control.

Breathing Problems: Respiratory muscles tend to become weak over time, which causes breathing problems, shortness of breath, and breathing failures in extreme cases.

Difficulty Speaking or Swallowing: In some cases of lower motor neuron disease, especially bulbar onset diseases you might face difficulty during speech which is also called dysarthria, or swallowing becomes challenging, this condition is called dysphagia. 

Progressive Disability: As this disease grows, you may begin to find great difficulties in moving and performing daily activities. Your muscles become weaker and begin to experience weakness and fatigue during regular activities.

Slower Reflexes: Your reflexes gradually slow down as lower motor neurons are an essential element of the reflex arcs.

Stiffness and Cramping: Your muscles may become stiff, and you may develop cramps or spasms regularly. These cramps can be extremely painful and might leave your muscles feeling achy for some time. This will also hinder your muscles from the slightest movement during cramps.

Why Our Physical Therapy For LMND?

We are the most trusted experts when it comes to improving the symptoms associated with lower motor neuron diseases. With our physical therapy, you will get the best outcomes in a matter of weeks of sessions with us. We have a team of specialists who are experts in dealing with the peculiarities of lower motor neuron diseases. 

We have extensive knowledge and experience coupled with the highest qualifications to provide you with the best targeted and efficient care in New Jersey. Instead of a symptom-palliative approach, we adopt an integrative model. We keenly focus on the emotional and mental state of our patients, thus targeting not merely physical recovery but improved quality of life as well.

We are the leading physical therapists and we have over 34 years of experience in this field. We use the most advanced techniques and movement based exercises to help restore your balance and bring back control by strengthening your muscles. We endeavor to provide the most cutting-edge and effective treatments in New Jersey.

We use advanced diagnostic techniques to comprehend your condition, with your full medical history then based on that evaluation we devise specialized treatment plans for correcting your specific problems. This personalized treatment plan consists of targeted exercise as well as techniques required to put you back on your feet.

Our physical therapists collaborate closely with you and your caregivers to ensure that the health services delivered are consistent according to individual objectives or preferences. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to taking good care of you and helping you progress through this journey.

We track your progress throughout your journey in recovering from the withdrawals of lower motor neuron disease. We make necessary adjustments to your treatment plans as and when required to fast-pace your progress.

We are a team of highly qualified and experienced licensed professionals. We are the most reliable physical therapists in Hackensack, NJ. The results we have delivered throughout our years in this field speak volumes. We offer the finest facility for treatment taking care of all your needs during our therapy sessions with you. We are your true partners in this journey to recovery.

There is still a ray of hope for recovery, and we promise to do our best to get you back on track again. With us at Paul Wiener Physical Therapy, you will find relief from your sufferings.

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