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Pre-surgical Rehab

Pre-surgical Rehab

Pre-hab Can Help You Get Back to Your Life Quicker

Find Fast Relief with Pre-Surgical Rehabilitation

Do you have a major surgery coming up and want to shorten your recovery time? If your answer is yes, then you might want to schedule a pre-surgical rehab. Pre Surgical Rehab prepares your body for the surgery and shortens the recovery period for you. It is advised when you are nervous about an upcoming surgery. When you go for a major surgery doctors usually prescribe physical therapy after the surgery to relieve the pain. It also helps with the functionality of your body. Just like that pre-surgical rehab is designed to make your surgery easier for you. Paul Wiener Physical Therapy has a team of expert physical therapists if you want to opt for a pre-surgical rehab. 

Why Pre-Surgical Rehab?

When our body is fit, it takes less recovery time after the surgery. Pre-Surgical Rehab does exactly that. It helps you to be fitter for the surgery and recover faster after the surgery. Pre Surgical Rehab is not just useful physically, it helps you to prepare for the surgery mentally as well. When you do the pre-surgical rehab, you feel confident going into the surgery when you know that you have prepared for the surgery as much as you can. It is also less stressful when you know that your body is fitter and will recover faster. 

Our therapists will plan a suitable treatment for you to make your life easier after the surgery. They are well-qualified and certified, so they will devise a proper plan of action for you. They will give you tips on exercise and how to prepare your body for the surgery to make you physically and mentally ready for the operation.

How Will Pre-Surgical Rehab Benefit Me?

Pre-surgical rehab has a lot of benefits. Even the National Institute of Health recommends pre-surgical rehab for major surgeries to make the recovery faster and easier and have positive outcomes after the surgery. These are a few benefits of pre-surgical rehab:

Better Results 

It is researched and proven that you get better results after the surgery when you go for pre-surgical rehab. It usually takes up to 1-2 months depending on the surgery. Our therapists will make your body fit for the surgery so that you get maximum benefits.

Faster Recovery

Our body heals faster when it is fit. That is exactly the purpose of pre-surgical rehab. Our therapists will make the treatment customized to your needs and body so that you take less time to recover. 

More Stamina and Less Pain

Pre-surgical rehab will reduce the pain that you experience after the surgery by increasing your stamina and making your muscles and body stronger. It will improve your immunity and will make your chances of catching an infection much lower. Our therapists will plan your treatment keeping these things in mind. They will give you exercises for the muscles which need to be stronger for the surgery.

The gateway to your faster recovery after operation is possible with our pre-surgical rehab in Hackensack, NJ. We, at Paul Wiener Physical Therapy will ensure that you are well prepared for the impacts of surgery with our finest therapy techniques. Our licensed experts are extensively skilled and highly experienced to give you the best therapy to strengthen your body for enduring surgery pain as well as recover in less time. We have over 30 years of experience and we have helped many individuals with our specialized program for pre-surgical rehab. 

Paul Wiener Physical Therapy is happy to help you. Your happiness and health are all that matters.

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