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Sciatica & Back Pain Relief

Sciatica & Back Pain Relief

Back Pain Treatment New Jersey

Are you fed up with your back aching every time? Do not worry, we at Paul Wiener Physical Therapy are here to help you out. We are the best back pain specialist in New Jersey, and we will get relief from this troubling ache. We are a team of licensed physical therapists, with great experience and extensive knowledge in the field of back pain treatment in New Jersey. You can relax, as we are in good hands now with our exceptional techniques for back pain management in New Jersey give 100% relief from your persisting back problems. We understand how stressful it is to live with such a problem that is why we are here for you. As your trusted partner for healing your back pain in this city, we guarantee you the ultimate relief from the back pain challenges you are facing every day.

Understanding Back Pain

Many people, from all sorts of lives and jobs, have to deal with painful backs. From the small pain we feel when sitting for long hours to the bad unbearable ache that makes everyday tasks challenging, back pain comes in many forms with lots of different levels. Back pain happens in different areas of your back. The causes can be bad posture like sitting incorrectly slouching too much, muscle strains, injury due to road accidents, sports injuries, etc. These causes are very common, and our physical therapy will help in curing them.

What Causes Back Pain?

There are multiple causes of back pain. However, our back pain specialist in New Jersey will diagnose your particular cause to devise a proper treatment plan for you. These are some of the common causes of back pain.

Poor Posture: This is the most common cause of back pain, as today’s lifestyle involves working for long hours which leads to bad posture of your spine. Having a bad posture, especially for a long time can put extra pressure on the back muscles and how they connect. This hurts your back or makes you feel uncomfortable.

Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis can make bones weak and lead to hurtful spine injuries. This can cause pain and reduce your height or backache.

Muscle Imbalances: Bad or unequal muscles, especially the key ones that help your backbone stay strong, can cause trouble with your spine. This leads to an imbalance in the muscles causing a weak back this might be caused by to lack of physical movement.

Arthritis: Arthritis in the spine can cause back pain. Arthritis makes cartilage in the joints break down and causes pain and swelling. Arthritis hinders movement also narrowing the gap between each joint in the spine making it more painful during each movement.

Trauma or Injury: Injuries in the spine are also caused by road accidents or falls can give a person unbearable back pain. When accidents like this happen, you could get broken bones (fractures), and sprained or stretched muscles and ligaments in your spine.

Lifestyle Factors: Living a life without much exercise, being overweight and smoking can lead to back pain. Not doing exercise weakens muscles and puts extra pressure on the back. Having an inactive lifestyle coupled with a bad posture can lead to a great degree of pain in the back.

We are the finest back pain doctors in New Jersey. We provide the best-in-class physical therapy to get you 100% relief from back pain no matter the cause and type. We have a team of experts who actively look into your problem and provide a comprehensive solution specifically for you. We ensure that you will be fit and fine in just a matter of weeks. We will focus on enhancing your back muscle strength and flexibility to improve mobility thus reducing your ache.

Physical Therapy For Back Pain Treatment in New Jersey

At Paul Wiener Physical Therapy, we provide physical therapy for back pain treatment and management in New Jersey, and we know how to treat back pain. This is because we understand all the different reasons it can happen. We understand that every situation is different, and it's important to have an approach tailored for success. Our team of licensed physical therapists diagnoses your back pain deeply to find the main root of the problem. This helps us to understand your case specifically and then provide a personalized solution that will guarantee relief from back pain. We believe one solution doesn’t fit all. Your back problem might be different from other individuals, so your treatment should be unique too. Our doctors work together to make specialized treatment plans for your care based on your specific case. We learn about everything like your day-to-day life activities, health history, and the kind of pain you have while doing it. It starts with hand movements and progresses to exercises that are made for you, all these things help fix your back pain quickly.

We at Paul Wiener Physical Therapy use the most cutting-edge techniques and we provide the most exceptional back treatment in New Jersey to help you in a healthy recovery. We promise to give the best care possible. We use sonic images and special workouts to strengthen your back muscles thus reducing your pain day by day. No need for drugs, no need for surgery. Our personalized treatment plans guarantee full recovery as they are also very effective in healing your damaged muscle naturally. If you are suffering from back pain, All pain will fade away when you choose to come the Paul Wiener Physical Therapy way.

We at Paul Wiener Physical Therapy, are your trusted professionals for physical therapy for back pain in New Jersey. We are a team of licensed professionals with many years of experience. With our exceptional methods of back pain treatment in New Jersey us you will feel relaxed and that is our promise to you.

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