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Dry Needling

Dry Needling

Say Goodbye To Pain And Problems With Dry Needling

At Paul Wiener Physical Therapy we have the best specialists for dry needling in Hackensack, NJ. We are here to relieve your muscles of all the stress and pain with our dry needling. It is a safe and result-oriented method of releasing all the tension in your muscles. Our physical therapists are licensed experts who are proficient in this field. Dry needles can treat various conditions including, muscular pain, musculoskeletal problems, knee pain, acute and chronic pain, backache, neck pain, tendinitis, tennis elbow, and many others. Our physical therapists use the most comprehensive techniques to relax you from the suffering of such issues in your body. Let us have the opportunity to look into your problem and give the best cure, ensuring the ultimate comfort from the persisting pain.

What Is Dry Needling?

Dry Needling is a therapeutic method of treatment applied by inserting thin, sterile needles into precise trigger points within muscles or connective tissues. Different from traditional acupuncture, which is based on Eastern medicine philosophy Dry Needling aims at the release of tension and healing locally. 

Our skilled physical therapists at Paul Wiener Physical Therapy use this technique to pinpoint the causes of pain and dysfunction in order to alleviate them using their expertise. Our physical therapy with dry Needling lies in its ability to focus on trigger points, tender knots within muscles that cause pain, and limited movement. 

By inserting the needles into trigger points, we will try to evoke a therapeutic response that is aimed at promoting muscle relaxation and releasing tension within them. Using needles increases blood flow to the area where it’s inserted, which in turn boosts the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. The increased volume of blood circulation aids in natural healing as well as provides relaxation from muscle pain at the same time releasing muscle tension and restoring mobility.

We at Paul Wiener Physical Therapy frequently combine dry needling with our rehabilitation strategies. Dry needling works magic on both acute as well as musculoskeletal problems.

Does Dry Needling Hurt?

The most frequently asked question about Dry Needling is whether it causes pain. Dry Needling uses very thin needles making the procedure non-invasive. You might experience a slight sting as the needle is placed but it does not hurt that much. A lot of individuals might get the feeling of muscle twitching or a kind of dull pain, which is good as it is a sign that the therapy is working by focusing on and clearing out these troubling trigger points. Dry Needling, an exceptional treatment offered by our competent therapists at Paul Wiener Physical Therapy focuses on your comfort and satisfaction during the session. We encourage open communication to allow you to voice out any concerns or things that may not go down well with you so they can be addressed, and if necessary, a few changes are made in a way that will make your experience comfortable.

How Will Dry Needling Benefit Me?

Dry Needling is a safe technique for healing body pain, muscle tension as well as injuries in the tissue or muscles. It is a method that does not encourage the use of opioid drugs or surgery for finding comfort from pain. It uses techniques to poke the trigger points which promote healing with proper blood oxygen flow and nutrients to repair the injured tissue or muscles. However, there are certain benefits you will get from Dry Needling.

Enhanced Range of Motion

Dry Needling promotes enhanced flexibility and range of motion by addressing trigger points while releasing muscle tension. This is particularly helpful for those recovering from injuries, and surgeries, and even to people suffering from chronic conditions that inhibit movement.

Holistic Approach to Healing

Paul Wiener Physical Therapy believes in a holistic approach to healing. We seamlessly integrate Dry Needling into our personalized treatment plans, incorporating this technique alongside other therapeutic modalities to provide a well-rounded and effective approach to your recovery.

Targeted Pain Relief

Dry Needling could be a game-changer for people struggling with chronic pain, muscle tightness, or limited movement. This technique is quite useful in the treatment of disorders like myofascial pain syndrome, tension headaches, and musculoskeletal pains from different origins.

Faster Recovery

The enhanced blood flow and the fact that it stimulates natural healing mechanisms of the body means that Dry Needling can play a very crucial role in accelerating the time of recovery. This technique can help individuals who are athletes and want to regain peak performance or someone suffering from surgery recover fast. This technique also helps individuals having sports injuries to heal fast and increase muscle strength, endurance as well as flexibility.

Our Team

We are a team of licensed professionals in New Jersey, serving under the leadership of highly esteemed physical therapist Paul Wiener, who has over 34 years of experience in this field. We are the most trusted physical therapist for dry needling in Hackensack, NJ providing the most comprehensive and outcome-oriented cure for your pain and injuries. We are a team of highly qualified and experienced physical therapists, who work tenaciously for your ultimate relief from pain and suffering with our treatment.

We evaluate your problem with our advanced diagnostics, then we devise a comprehensive treatment plan based on our evaluation. The treatment plan is made specifically for treating your condition, with a few sessions with us you will be better in a matter of few weeks. We are the best physical therapists, and we are highly skilled in giving you the most comforting and painless dry needling therapy here in New Jersey.

Find comfort from your pain with us at Paul Wiener Physical Therapy. We are your true partners in this matter, and we will help you find relief and that is our promise to you. Your satisfaction is our prosperity as professionals, and we will do our best to combine our years of practice and knowledge in this field. We are happy to help you heal. Get the best results with our physical therapy in New Jersey.

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