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Chronic Pain Relief

Chronic Pain Relief
Pain Management Doctors Hackensack New Jersey

Are you looking for relief from the distressing chronic pain? Look no further, we at Paul Wiener Physical Therapy are the best pain management doctors in New Jersey, offering the best in class pain management treatment in New Jersey. We specialize in the most outcome-oriented pain management methods, with our expertise and experience in this field of practice. We are a dedicated team of licensed professionals, and we assure you that we will help you manage unbearable pain with our unique treatment techniques of pain management in New Jersey. We work under the guidance and direction of the most trusted physical therapist Paul Wiener, who has served excellence in curing and managing chronic pain and acute pain for years.

What Is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is a type of pain that persists in nature which means it can last anywhere from a few months to several years. This type of pain can be continuous or arrive intermittently. Chronic pain can be experienced in different parts of the body and muscle groups. Chronic pain can interfere with your physical activities or daily chores. It can be really distressing for a person suffering from chronic pain. However, this pain may occur from certain chronic conditions such as arthritis, cancer, tumor pain, migraines, nerve damage, spondylitis, etc.

The causes of chronic pain may be due to an injury or disease, which can lead to a fractured bone or infections, causing you a great deal of pain at hand and also persisting for a longer time taking the form of chronic pain. Our physical therapy center provides the best pain management in New Jersey to overcome the difficulties faced by an individual suffering from this gruesome problem.

Our Physical Therapy For Chronic Pain

Physical therapy is the most efficient way to get relief from chronic pain. It helps to ease discomfort as well as helps improve muscle strength and endurance also helps in liberating the movement of the latter. Physical therapy is a key part of the multi-disciplinary approach to managing chronic pain. It is a non-invasive, evidenced based treatment designed to improve physical functionality, reduce pain, and enhance overall wellness. Working together with you (our patient), our certified physical therapists plan individualized exercise programs and methods of rehabilitation that match your degree of chronic pain. We at Paul Wiener Physical Therapy provide the best care for long-term pain management in New Jersey. We are licensed professionals and the most reliable physical therapists in New Jersey. We will help you ease the pain with our cutting-edge techniques which will guarantee comfort and relief from the persisting chronic pain. We will tell you how our physical therapy can be advantageous in managing chronic pain with the help of these key aspects:

Assessment and Diagnosis: To determine the root causes of chronic pain, we will first conduct an in-depth assessment that includes posture analysis as well as assessments based on muscle imbalances and joint mobility. A movement pattern analysis is also conducted to pinpoint why certain movements might exacerbate chronic pain, but others do not.

Individualized Treatment Plans: On the basis of the assessment, our expert physical therapist will devise an individualized treatment plan taking into account your own unique circumstances and conditions. It could involve exercises, manual therapy, and other means of treatment. This treatment plan will be especially important considering your case and will guarantee improvement in a matter of weeks.

Exercise Therapy: We help you with some exercises that aim to strengthen the weak parts of your body are also a key part of physical therapy for managing chronic pain. These exercises aim to build strength, increase flexibility improve endurance, and give the body a definitive kick in areas that need extra attention. These exercises are safe and don't make a bad situation worse by aggravating pain, but rather gently promoting improvement.

Progress Monitoring and Adjustments: Physical therapy is merely a progressive process. Our expert therapist follows your progress over time, making adjustments as required to the treatment plans whenever necessary. This means that interventions are tailored to the changing needs and aspirations of each individual. We only provide treatment plans according to an individual’s degree of pain to best suit them and show improvements through the therapy sessions.

Psychosocial Support: Many cases of chronic pain affect an individual psychologically. But you do not have to worry, because we at Paul Wiener Physical Therapy offer encouragement and support to help with these aspects. We will encourage you and cheer you up to be positive as well as take care of your overall well-being (both physical and mental). Our approach is not just to give you relief from the physical pain but also the mental stress and anxiety caused due to that pain.

Let us rendezvous and fade all your pain away with our best-in-class physical therapy for chronic pain management in New Jersey.

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