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Do you feel like your cognitive abilities are slowly declining? Are you or your loved ones suffering from the gruesome effects of dementia? No need to worry anymore. We at Paul Wiener Physical Therapy are here to your rescue. Suffering from dementia is not easy, we understand the challenges you face every day associated with a decline in your cognitive abilities. We, the licensed experts at Paul Wiener Physical Therapy, are here to take good care of you with our physiotherapy to help you lower the effects of dementia. Our therapy is aimed at relaxing both your mind and body, giving you the ray of hope to make your condition better than yesterday. Our physical therapy will help manage dementia, by taking care of your cognitive abilities as well as restoring motion and muscle strength for mobility.

How Does Dementia Impact You?

The effects of dementia interfere with the daily life of a person. The cognitive abilities start to decline which disables your mind and body from functioning adequately, hindering you from performing everyday activities, such as working, cooking, driving, studying, etc. These problems might get worse over time. These are some of the major impacts of dementia on your body.

Balance and Coordination Problems

Dementia can make it hard for the brain to control movements, this leads to a loss of balance and coordination, hindering you from performing physical activities. There also increases the chance of you collapsing on the floor due to lack of balance.

Stiffness In The Joints

Little to no movement and less muscle activity can lead the joints to become stiff, which freezes up joint mobility. This may also cause the tightening of muscles, making it harder for you to stretch your muscles properly.

Muscle Weakening

As dementia worsens, individuals might get weaker, and problems like muscle weakening and atrophy might creep in. This happens because of the decline in physical mobility, leading the muscles to become inactive, which causes them to shrink in size and weaken over time.

Weaker Immunity

Dementia makes the mind and body weaker over a period of time. This also affects your immune system, weakening your defenses against harmful bacteria. This paves a path for immunity diseases to creep in.

Decreased Cardiovascular Health

Due to reduced physical activity, your cardiovascular health may decline over time decreasing your stamina as well. This affects your heart health making it weaker.

Benefits Of Physical Therapy For Dementia

Paul Wiener Physical Therapy offers the best care for individuals suffering from dementia. Our physical therapy will help ease your problems as well as promote movement and better muscle and cardiovascular health. We use certain techniques and tools to assist in managing the effects of dementia. Here are some of the benefits that you will experience with our physical therapy for dementia in Hackensack, NJ.

Fall Prevention Strategies

Our expert therapists make fall prevention strategies to help individuals with dementia improve their balance while walking. This reduces the risks of injury from toppling down. Fall prevention strategies help you become more confident in yourself while moving.

Improving Mobility

Physical therapy is all about doing mobility enhancing exercises to improve movement. It helps you do everyday tasks better also reducing dependency for help from others.

Pain Management

We indulge in techniques for treatments to help you relieve pain and discomfort caused by stiff muscles or joint problems. These techniques relax your muscles as well as make you feel more comfortable.

Improving Cognitive Function

Our exercises and mobility-enhancing methods, help improve cognitive function which slows down the effects of dementia.

Better Quality Of Life

Our therapy sessions focus on exercising your body which increases the production of endorphins, which promotes relaxation as well as makes you feel better overall.

We, Paul Wiener Physical Therapy, have over 30 years of experience in comforting individuals suffering from dementia. Our therapy methods are highly effective in slowing down the impact of dementia on your body, and also helping strengthen your cognitive abilities. Find relief from the impact of dementia with our licensed specialists in Hackensack, New Jersey.

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