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Post-Surgical Rehab

Post-Surgical Rehab

Post-Surgery Rehab In Hackensack, NJ

Have you recently been through surgery? Are you looking for a solution to heal faster from the pain and hurt post-surgery? Look no further. We the experts at Paul Wiener Physical Therapy are the best specialists for post-surgery rehab in Hackensack, NJ. Get back on your feet quicker than you can think of with our rehabilitation methods, where our licensed physical therapists help you with the best care possible for recovery post-surgery. Experience faster recovery and relief from the pain of the operated area in a matter of days or weeks. Our therapy sessions are the most result-oriented in New Jersey. We focus intensely on your well-being and work tenaciously to help you relax and feel better with our physical therapy.

Common Surgeries Physical Therapy Can Help You With

Physical therapy is a non-invasive method that can help you recover from surgery naturally and faster without the use of pain-killing drugs. Physical therapy is safe and natural and also helps heal internal wounds faster restoring mobility of the area operated. Partnering with us as your physical therapists will help you return to your normal life and resume daily activities. However, physical therapy can help you recover from some of these common surgery procedures.

Cardiac Surgeries

Cardiac Bypass Surgery: Recovery after surgery helps to slowly boost the endurance of the heart, make it healthier, also ensure a safe way back into physical activities.

Valve Replacement: This includes exercises that are monitored to improve heart health as well as increase the overall well-being of the cardiovascular system. Rehabilitations ensure proper functioning of the cardiovascular system as well as improved heart health.

Orthopedic Surgeries

Joint Replacements: If it's a replacement of your knee, hip, or shoulder, physical therapy helps to get back joint function. It also makes you walk better and be stronger overall. Physical therapy strengthens your legs, making sure you are able to stand still and walk properly.

Arthroscopic Surgeries: Fixing ligaments or cartilage in the joint through arthroscopy can benefit from physical therapy exercises to restore movement and avoid stiffness. This will also help enhance mobility as well as flexibility.

Spinal Surgeries

Discectomy or Fusion: Physical therapy helps with pain control, making the back strong again and slowly getting people back to normal activities after spine surgeries. Rehabilitation from this surgery helps restore the stability of the back as well as reduces pain while commencing physical activity.

Laminectomy: Rehabilitation helps to make your back muscles strong and flexible. This reduces the stress on the nerves in your spine. Also making your back more movable and stronger to recover fast and resume regular activities.

Need For Physical Therapy After Surgery

We at Paul Wiener Physical Therapy with our best-in-class rehabilitation techniques experts in helping recover and get relief from post-surgery body aches. Our treatment plan is specialized according to your specific problem to help you heal better. Our licensed specialists, use unique methods and technological tools to provide the most outcome-oriented physical therapy for recovery after surgery. Here is why you need our post-surgery rehabilitation.

Pain Management: With our pain management exercises and techniques, we help you manage the pain after surgery. 

Early mobilization: Our post-surgery rehabilitation helps in the early movement of your body to prevent later complications such as decreased blood circulation, and joint stiffness, as well as helps reduce pain during movement.

Personalized Treatment Plans: We make personalized treatment plans for your specific case. This treatment plan is specifically focused on helping you recover from the effects of surgery faster.

Restoring Muscle Strength: We help you with exercises that focus on strengthening your muscles to improve the range of motion as well as a pain-free movement.

Avoiding Complications: Our experts will make sure that you do not face any complications that usually arise after surgery. These complications are clotting, stiffness, improper circulation.

Paul Wiener Physical Therapy is happy to serve you. We are ever ready to help you find relief from the pain and enhance your mobility with our excellent therapy methods. Experience the best post-surgery rehab in Hackensack, NJ with us.

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