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Geriatric Physical Therapy

Geriatric Physical Therapy

Geriatric Physical Therapy

At Paul Wiener Physical Therapy, we realize that the aging process encompasses, more than just adding years, living meaningfully, and enjoying all the precious moments of our existence with full, zestful energy. We are thus pleased to provide geriatric physical therapy services specially made to address the peculiar needs of our energetic old age group. We are a team of licensed physical therapists with extensive knowledge and expertise in this field. We work under the supervision of Paul Wiener, who is a well-known physical therapist with over 34 years of experience in this field. We are here with our best-in-class facility to treat you and help find relief from your physical ailments. Experience the ultimate relief with our world-class treatment methods in New Jersey. 

Individualized Treatment

Geriatric physical therapy is about more than seeking treatment for physical problems; it’s about fostering comprehensive wellness. We have a team of devoted therapists who understand that every person is on a road of their own and we will offer you tailor-made services with regards to your goals, preferences, and dreams.

Empowering You

Mobility and independence become particularly important as we grow older. Our geriatric physical therapy programs aim at improving balance, strength, and flexibility and we empower you to walk through the daily activities with confidence. Perhaps you have recently had surgery, are dealing with chronic diseases, or solely desire to maximize your physical performance our team is here to assist you every step of the way.

Fall Prevention Technique

Fall prevention is a major area of focus in geriatric physical therapy it is a top priority for many of the senior citizens. With specific exercises, educational intervention, and adaptive changes to the environment, we are proactive in addressing the risk of falls and thus ensuring a safe, independently supportive lifestyle. It is not sufficient to resolve urgent issues but to leave you able to embrace life completely, with no fears or restrictions.

The Best Treatment

We know the effects of chronic conditions on your quality of life. From arthritis to osteoporosis to Parkinson’s, we provide a high-quality, multidimensional treatment that includes interventions shown to work for pain reduction and mobility improvement, as well as improving quality of life. It is by addressing your symptoms at the root and through continued monitoring that we try to enable you to live your life as you desire.

Achieve Your Wellness 

At Paul Wiener Physical Therapy, we are aware of the fact that every person deserves caring and targeted treatment in full accordance with their individual personality. Our team of well-versed professionals ensures a relaxing atmosphere where you are heard, appreciated, and motivated to reach your wellness objectives. If you or someone you love is looking for advanced geriatric physical therapy with a focus on health, happiness, and independence, we welcome you to Paul Wiener Physical Therapy.  Let us together find the power of vibrancy and embrace the golden age with grace, and reverence.
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