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Unilateral Hypofunction

Unilateral Hypofunction

Unilateral Hypofunction

Unilateral Hypofunction is a condition the balance in one’s inner ear is disturbed. The balance system in the inner ear is called the peripheral vestibular system. The peripheral vestibular system or we can say the balance system in layman’s terms is present in both ears. 
Unilateral Hypofunction is the condition where only one ear’s balance system is disturbed. Various types of exercises help to treat the condition through physical therapy. Paul Wiener Physical Therapy is one of the expert and experienced physical therapists in Hackensack, NJ who can help you with the treatment of this condition.
Here are a few reasons and symptoms of unilateral hypofunction that you must be looking for:

Some reasons for the Unilateral Hypofunctions:

 Bacterial or viral infections in the ear
Concussion or some kind of trauma
Old age
Bad reaction to any medication

Some symptoms of Unilateral Hypofunctions:

Poor balance especially when turning head.
Trouble while walking

How will Physical Therapy Help?

Physical therapy can be quite effective for the treatment of unilateral hypofunction. Physical therapy uses movement-based exercises to help you with the symptoms and give you some relief. Our team of physical therapists will take a complete examination to understand the root cause and will devise a plan that is best suited to you and your needs.
There are a lot of different types of physical exercises that can help. Exercise like gaze stabilization, balance, and gait retaining will help a lot. Gaze stabilization exercises help to improve the head and eye movement coordination. Balance exercises help to strengthen the inner ear balance that is disturbed. Our therapists will also give you a few walking exercises in a challenging environment which will improve your balance. Paul Wiener Physical Therapy believes in educating about unilateral hypofunction so that you understand your condition better. 

Why Paul Wiener Physical Therapy?

Paul Wiener Physical Therapy has over 35 years of experience and has treated many patients with unilateral hypofunction. We are the experts in physical therapy and we will treat you in a way that you recover faster with the help of the latest technology. Our team will even educate you on the types of exercises that you should be doing at home to recover faster and get better soon.
With Paul Wiener Physical Therapy as your physical therapist, you don’t need to worry about a thing. We will take good care of you and will give you the best treatment in Hackensack, NJ. No matter how bad your unilateral hypofunction is we will help you to defeat it and regain control of your life. we understand the struggle and that is why you will be appointed with a physical therapist who is not only an expert but also experienced in treating your condition so that you get the best. 
Choose Paul Wiener Physical Therapy today to find some relief from unilateral hypofunction symptoms quickly. Our contact details are available on our website.
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