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Vestibular Rehab

Vestibular Rehab

Vestibular Rehab

Vestibular Rehab In Hackensack, NJ

Do you experience dizziness, unsteadiness, or unstable in general? Feeling dizzy or unstable could make you prone to falling or getting seriously injured. The answer to your problem is vestibular rehab. It is a physical therapy program to help with vestibular. The vestibular system basically takes care of the body’s balance and vision. When you suffer from vestibular disorder, it snatches your independence by making you dizzy, blurred vision, and are prone to accidents. Paul Wiener Physical Therapy helps to treat vestibular disorders by physical therapy which will make you stronger and independent.

How does Physical Therapy work?

Vestibular disorders cause dizziness which makes you lose your balance. To understand what is causing you to imbalance, our therapists will examine you. Your brain is responsible for your balance and body position with your surroundings. This is called spatial orientation. In vestibular therapy, therapists will advise a bunch of exercises that will improve your dizziness. Your brain and sensory system cause your imbalance. This can happen for many reasons like your vestibular labyrinth in the inner ear. The therapy will help with the conditions of vestibular disorders through exercises.

What happens in therapy?

Our therapists will examine you to understand your disorder. They might ask you to do some tests to get a deeper understanding of what is really causing you to have blurred vision or dizziness. According to the test, they will give you a treatment plan customized to your needs. They will show how to exercise that can benefit you so that you can beat your disorder. 

Our therapists are experts with a lot of experience. They will take care of all your needs and problems so that you can get better. Therapy for vestibular disorder includes a lot of different exercises such as eye movement control, balance training, and stretching. All of these will be tailored according to your needs and how your body responds to different types of exercises.

Our Team

Paul Wiener Physical Therapy is the best physical therapist in New Jersey. We have a team of therapists who will be available for through thick and thin. We will not leave your side until you get better. Vestibular could take time. Depending on person to person, it can take anywhere between 2 to eight sessions. Every person’s body is unique and responds differently. So same treatment and responsiveness towards the treatment does not work for everybody. That is why we are here. 

Vestibular Rehab has many advantages. According to studies the therapy does help to reduce the risk of falling and improves your balance. It also helps with blurred vision and overall increases your body’s strength. The best thing about Vestibular Rehab is that it does not have any physical risks. It might treat you completely, but it does help. If the patient can’t do the prescribed exercise on their own, it does reduce their chances of getting better soon.

When to call my Healthcare Provider?

Usually, Vestibular Rehab does not cause any problems but if do see some sudden change, hearing fluctuations, pressure in your ear which is painful, ringing in your ear, fluid from your wars, and any kind of new pain or discomfort, we recommend calling your healthcare provider.

Experience the best vestibular rehab in Hackensack, NJ with us at Paul Wiener Physical Therapy. We are the experts in this field and your true partners, who care about your better future. The best outcome is guaranteed with our physical therapy, as it is the most non-invasive as well as drug free way for a cure.

We are offering you a pathway to a healthier future.

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